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TRS Records (Top Ranking Sound) is an Independent reissue label that shines a light on the lost, obscure and the forgotten. In an industry marred by too many allegations of unauthorised licensing controversies, we make painstaking efforts to work directly with the original artists, producers and record labels associated with the music. We put as much effort and energy into our releases as we do into researching the history and context of the songs and the fascinating stories from the ones who created it.

We work closely with the copyright owners carefully selecting our favourite songs from the original sources. Tracking down the producers and singers is definitely an interesting and sometimes lengthy process, but it gives us a real joy discovering the stories behind the music and the connections we make, from the deepest points on the musical compass. We spare no expense in telling an artist’s stories in true documentarian fashion, which makes reading about the music as much of an experience as listening to it.

Since 2016 we also began a new initiative service which is helping and facilitating distribution for other music labels through our networks and channels. Often time new labels face challenges of distribution due to their geographical location and distances. We have solved that problem. For more information, please contact us through the Wholesale & Distribution menu.