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AKAE BEKA - Bless Go Roun (LP)

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A Journey Rediscovered: 'Bless Go Roun' by Akae Beka & Higher Bound Production LP vinyl release distributed by TRS Records.

In the world of reggae, some albums possess an enduring quality that transcends time and genre boundaries. Akae Beka and Higher Bound Production's 'Bless Go Roun,' originally recorded in 2006, is undoubtedly one of those albums. Making its vinyl debut, 'Bless Go Roun' presents an exciting opportunity to rediscover this gem.

'Bless Go Roun' encapsulates the essence of Akae Beka's musical genius, blending roots reggae, dub, and mysticism into an intricate tapestry of sound. From the moment the needle drops, you're transported to a world where spirituality and rhythm unite to create something truly magical.

The album's opening track, "Ye Lands," serves as a captivating opener, setting the tone with VB's signature, spiritually charged lyrics. As the album progresses, tracks like "Nomo", "Bless Go Roun," "Starting From" and "Exodus" showcase Vaughn Benjamin's lyrical prowess, addressing themes of Rasta, love, unity and self-discovery. As the album unfolds, it becomes evident that 'Bless Go Roun' is not merely a collection of songs but a spiritual journey through sound and soul with tracks like "Giddeon", "Homing Zone" and "All Out" to name a few. Akae Beka's profound lyrics, combined with the impeccable and intricate arrangements and production by Ryan "Ishence" Willard of Higher Bound, create a sonic landscape that feels both familiar and otherworldly. A level of spiritual introspection rarely found in modern reggae.

In a world overflowing with ephemeral music, 'Bless Go Roun' stands as a timeless masterpiece, a testament to reggae's capacity to inspire, uplift, and provoke contemplation. Akae Beka's spiritual wisdom, coupled with Higher Bound Production's meticulous craftsmanship, has yielded a vinyl gem deserving of a place in every music enthusiast's collection. This release isn't just a reissue; it's the rediscovery of a hidden musical treasure that demands repeated listens, as each spin reveals new layers of complexity and lyrical depth.