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MICHAEL BLACK - Glass Pipe / Jah Jah (12")

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What a better way to bring in 2023 with the reissue of Michael Black's 'Glass Pipe' and 'Jah Jah' on TRS Records.

For those who don't know, Michael Black is an international roots reggae performing and recording star who began his career in the early 70s in Jamaica. He's still recording to this day and has earned some big anthems under his belt.

'Glass Pipe' and 'Jah Jah' were originally recorded in 1995 and backed by the powerful and untouchable Firehouse Crew which was also something of a turning point for Michael Black. The lyrics are meaningful and heartfelt and you can hear Michael Black bursting at the seams with energy on these tracks.

'Glass Pipe' and 'Jah Jah' were originally released as two separate singles in their own right, but for the first time are tied together in one almighty 12" with vocals and crucial dub.