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MICHAEL LEVY - When I Gonna Get My Freedom (12")

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The highly anticipated reissue of 2021 is coming soon and packaged together on a glorious 12" disc. Instead of writing a long blurb, why not check out the "When I Gonna Get My Freedom" story from Producer Horace L. Buddoo. We spoke with Horace from outside his home in the US, and asked him for the whole story, how he got started, the background of this song and plenty more. So here it is straight from the source and uncut. We hope you enjoy it


"1985 was a very tough year in Jamaica" explains Horace L. Buddoo. Rioting erupted without warning and spread with uncontrolled fury on the streets. These were known as the "Gas Riots" of Jamaica which were caused due to a sharp price increase for gasoline and propane gas that paralyzed the country. Demonstrators blocked roads and set fire to piles of tires and junked cars. Police reported many dead. Right at this time Horace Buddoo was managing a Gas station in central Kingston and was in the midst of it all, and at the same time making preparations to migrate to the US to seek better opportunity. Right before migrating Buddoo befriended artiste Michael Levy who he'd met from hanging around the Gas station, and knew Levy could sing. Having no prior music production experience or interest in the record industry Buddoo took his chance and booked studio time at Channel One to give Michael Levy a break. Thankfully this generosity resulted in the gem "When I Gonna Get My Freedom".

* Special thanks to SoOWALI Hi-Fi for the studio wizardry and mastering, and shout outs also to Alex Schneiter for the amazing repair work on the horns. The original trumpet tapes were badly damaged in Hurricane Gilbert of 1988 and sadly couldn't be salvaged so the decision was made to redo over some sections which was later mixed by our side kick Naram out of Red Robin Records.