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TDA - Yu Saaf (7")

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Mallory Williams (son of Jamaican pianist and band leader, Luther Williams), a celebrated musician, singer, arranger, and producer, launched his musical journey in 1976 as a keyboard player in various bands within Jamaica's vibrant tourism industry. Along his path, he performed and toured with prestigious groups like Jimmy Cliff's Oneness Band and also We The People Band, providing backing for countless Jamaican artists.

In 1985, during the reggae's digital revolution, Mallory Williams collaborated with Tony DaCosta (from Skatalites fame) and his group the Tony DaCosta Affair (TDA), to craft the remarkable single "Yu Saaf." This release not only showcases DaCosta's impressive vocal range but also highlights Mallory's instrumental talent, which incorporates a pioneering proto-digital rhythm. We are thrilled to announce that the 7" reissue of this single will be released back again on Mallory's original 'NOW' imprint. "Yu Saaf," which translates to "You're Soft" is a pure sound business! It not only serves as a testament to Mallory's production skills but also possesses the power to silence any selectors.