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THANKS & PRAISES - Jah Live "Yes He Does" (7")

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The reissue of "Jah Lives" by Thanks & Praises, originally released in 1988, is out now on 7". This captivating song was initially unveiled as an obscure vocal-only B-side, tucked away on the rare High Gate imprint serving as a perfect example of conscious underground US Digi roots.

Recorded and mixed at Monkey Hill Studio in Queens, NY, it was the creative hub of the talented musician and producer Dennis Mann (who is featured on drums and percussion here). Although the studio ventured into diverse music genres, only a select few reggae tracks were ever recorded within its walls. We are honored to present "Jah Lives" as a testament to the rich musical legacy left by Dennis Mann.

As a side technical note it is worth mentioning that "Jah Lives" was originally recorded using a multi-track cassette recorder, also known as Portastudio. Despite some inherent difficulties of extracting audio from a 35 year old cassette and dealing with issues such as sound bleeding, we took on the challenge of restoring it to revive the true essence of the song. To release 'Jah Lives' solely as a vocal cut would have been a tremendous disservice, so we also embarked on a meticulous restoration process to present the song in all its proper glory. In addition to the never-before-heard instrumental version, the reissue will offer listeners the chance to fully embrace the complete spectrum of the song and truly appreciate its beauty.